The Graphical Editor Framework (GEF)

Remark: This article was written in 2005. Therefore the screenshots show an old eclipse version.

I developed a plugin for editing and viewing family trees. This is not a fully functional plugin. I wrote the EMF plugin during my Christmas vacation 2004 and the GEF plugin during my Eastern vacation 2005 when i visited my parents on the country side. I wrote it for learning and having fun with EMF and GEF. But it may be useful as an example.

There is a lot of work left to do, for example improving the automatic layout, internationalization (at the moment it is in german), improving the text in the property views, full direct edit support in GEF and of course integrating the two seperate editors into one.

The following screenshot shows the EMF editor.

familytree in EMF

And the following screenshot shows the GEF viewer.

familytree in GEF