Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)

Plugin: Editor for data warehousing metadata

Remark: This article was written in 2005. Therefore the screenshots show an old eclipse version.

When i first heard of the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) i got really excited, i tried it out and i wanted to use it. And i had a problem at hand: For my daily work as a BI/DWH consultant i needed some metadatabase which keeps tracks of database tables, file structure defitions and load/unload script definitions and which keeps tracks of changes and automatically generates new scripts if a column in a table or a field in a file is changed.

So i started to defined the model in Ecore and i changed the automatically generated Editor of EMF, so that there are two different views on the data structures which are shown in the next two screenshots.

view on the metadata of a table in EMF

alternative view on the metadata of a table in EMF

Now i am able to define, persist and change the definitions, for example a file ...

The structure of a flat file in EMF

or an import, export or transformation mapping ...

A mapping for importing data in EMF

because i wrote code for the Java Emitter Templates (JET) library and the scripts are generated automatically or by pressing a button as in the following two screenshots.

A generated SQL CREATE TABLE statement

A mapping for importing data in EMF