Writing an Eclipse SQL Editor

Remark: This article was written in 2005. Therefore the screenshots show an old eclipse version.

Well, i wanted to find out, how easy or how complicated it is to write an editor for a language and back then there was no SQL editor. So i started developing a tiny SQL editor for Eclipse just to find out how things are working. For my daily work as a BI/DWH consultant i had some full blown SQL tools ... So it was just for fun ;-)

I started with syntax highlighting ...

SQL Highlighting in Eclipse

and then i added a very rudimentary form of syntax completion ;-) Well, it inserts just the word "SELECT" ;-)

SQL syntax completion in Eclipse

and then i implemented a select query result viewer as seen in the following screenshot.

SQL results in Eclipse

Note that i also added a database structure to the outline view which i implemented in my EMF - DWH tools project.